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Our story begins in 2015 and since then our greatest inspiration has been all the women who inspired others not only for their beauty but for their talent, style or irreverence. That's why since our first collection in July of said year, we wanted to subvert the orientation of women's underwear towards male enjoyment and turn it into an object that builds strong identities and reinforcers female confidence.

Inspired by nature, arts and fashion, the richness of colors and contrasts of textures has been a constant exploration through our collections puting together all those things that inspire us to show them through a new gaze based on our own romantic and daring language.

Our products are handmade in Colombia in our workshop in the city of Bogota where we create the collections from its concept to the materialization of our products where a small team of talented and committed women are responsible for making each one of the garments that combine exquisite design and craftsmanship.



When we were creating our brand core and concept, we went through history, looking for all those wonderful life stories of women and we found our perfrct muse:

Known as Dame de Beauté (Lady of Beauty) Agnès Sorel (1422-1450) is considered the first official royal mistress. Agnès was 20 years old when she was first introduced to Charles VII of France who fell in love with her on a first sight. After serving at court, Charles gave her the title of Maîtresse-en-titre, making her the officially recognized mistress. But she was much more than the King's mistress, it is considered that with her inclusion the course of the kingdom was changed.

She was the trendsetter of the time, she was the creator of trends at court, imposing plunging necklines and pointed headdresses and she was one of the few women of her time who could read. And, although she could not say no to the King, she made sure to make the most out of her position by becoming a real influence in arts, culture and even politics due to her great influence on the King's decisions.

Agnès was the muse of Jean Fouquet's painting "Virgin and Child surrounded by angels". She is one of the main characters in Voltaire's poem La Pucelle. She is also the subject of two late 19th century Russian operas, along with Charles VII: The Maid of Orleans by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and The Saracen by César Cui. She is one of the women represented in Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party artwork, which includes 999 names of notable women from history. Two clothing garments use the name Sorel: the Agnes Sorel corset, the Sorel corsage, and a fashion style also named by her, the Agnes Sorel style, which was used to describe a "princess" way of dressing.