The Cottagecore aesthetic universe

Overwhelming feelings of anxiety are what our current context is experiencing. Climate change, economic problems attributed to inflation and the war in Ukraine, the weakening of democracies, and the rising policing of female bodies, all of them are issues that have left people, especially younger generations, feeling uncertain and pessimistic about their future.

In spaces like TikTok and Instagram, centennials have crafted visual sanctuaries based on mythologies, where they seek to escape from a world of chaos and doubt. These generations are tired of unattainable visual ideals that millennials impose and are opting for a more natural visual language.

This precisely is manifested through fashions that reference mythical fantasies. Goblincore, Fairycore, and Cottagecore are visual trends that have conquered digital spaces, and resonate with the desire to escape from our complicated reality. These visual narratives promise a refuge of well-being, where nature and quality time are what can give meaning to our existence.

Cottagecore: a tendency that passes the vibes

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that invites us to stay in a cottage next to a forest, with fresh air and the opportunity to enjoy our free time. In this aesthetic and lifestyle, temporality takes a backseat as there is no desire to meet deadlines or be productive to survive in a late capitalist environment. Cottage Core promises a mystical escape, where fantasy can become reality and where emotional well-being prevails.

In recent years, this aesthetic has been colonizing our screens with images of cozy cottages or country houses with exquisite gardens and vast forests. Generally complemented by berry tarts, picnics, flowers, cute animals, and romantic outfits. The outfits consist of hand-woven pieces, dresses, aprons (in Little Women’s style by Greta Gerwig), hats, baskets, and corsets

Corsets, the ideal garment for Cottagecore aesthetic

Corsets play a key role within this aesthetic universe, as they work as under and outer garments that recall past times and have a perfect romantic feel. Likewise, corsets allow us to play with textures, layers, and prints such as Toile de Jouy to give each of our outfits a flirty touch. Moreover, they invite us women to enjoy life in the countryside, away from the noise of cities and the often-unnecessary anguish of modern life.

The truth is that the outfits inspired by this aesthetic are not very flashy, they just rely on floral prints, cream or pastel colors, and textures such as baskets. In general, these outfits do not even need shoes to be complete, the whole spirit of the aesthetic is to embrace nature and feel the grass with our bare feet.

Recreating a Cottagecore aesthetic scenario

One of the best ideas that bring the Cottagecore aesthetic to life is doing outdoor activities, such as picnics. In this article we want to share with you an idea so you can recreate your picnic in the best Cottagecore style:

You will need: 

  • A tablecloth.
  • Comfortable cushions.
  • Strawberries or any type of berries.
  • A cake or tart.
  • A cheese board.
  • Rosé wine (we recommend Côtes de Provence, but you can make your choice).
  • Flowers.
  • A picnic basket.
  • Vintage-inspired glasses and plates (better if they are not disposable).
  • A Hat of straw, to protect you from the sun.

When fixing your picnic table, remember to stretch the tablecloth, and place the cushions in a corresponding position for your guests. Locate the picnic basket on one side of the tablecloth and fix the cheese board in the center of the tablecloth so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. You can also position the cake and strawberries in the center of the tablecloth and fix each seat with its dishes and glass.

And don’t forget your Cottagecore outfit, it will enhance your whole picnic and add the finishing touch. Remember to resort to romantic garments such as floral dresses and corsets. 

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Thanks for reading!